Introducing the Gold and Silver Trees of Life: A New Era for Irish Bullion

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June, 2024

In the ever-evolving world of numismatics and bullion, new treasures are emerging that are captivating collectors worldwide. Among these exciting new additions to the market are the Gold and Silver Trees of Life, the first Irish bullion products from Tara Coins, which are garnering enthusiastic reviews and sparking considerable interest in both the bullion and numismatic communities.

A Vision Realized

Behind these remarkable creations is Mark O'Byrne, the founder of Tara Coins and the visionary behind the Gold and Silver Trees of Life. With nearly two decades of experience in the bullion industry, Mark listened to the demand from Irish customers who longed for their own national bullion coins and medals, rather than having to buy South African, English etc coins. His passion for Irish history, culture, and spirituality drove him to fill this gap in the market.

A Journey of Discovery and Design

Mark embarked on an extensive journey of research, consulting leading experts in Irish and Celtic history, archaeology, mythology, and spirituality. Drawing from this rich tapestry of knowledge, he selected symbols that encapsulate the essence of Éire, the Gaelic word for Ireland. The Tree of Life, an Crann Bethadh, the rising sun, and the quintessential Irish and Celtic symbols of the Gaelic Harp and the Triskele were chosen to adorn these exquisite coins.

With the assistance of talented designers and minting experts, Mark meticulously crafted the designs, resulting in coins that not only serve as bullion but also tell the captivating story of Ireland. The intricate designs and symbols on the Gold and Silver Trees of Life coins have been met with awe and admiration from collectors.

A Celebration of Irish Heritage

The Gold and Silver Trees of Life coins are more than just bullion; they are a celebration of Ireland's rich history and civilization. The obverse features the Tree of Life, while the reverse showcases three important Irish symbols – the Sacred Irish Harp, the rising sun, and the ancient Newgrange tri spirals, which date back over seven millennia.

The Gold and Silver Trees of Life from Tara Coins are truly unique and beautifully designed coins that have captured the hearts of collectors worldwide. As collectors eagerly seek out these stunning pieces, they are reminded of the deep and rich mythological, historical, cultural, and spiritual traditions that they represent.

For those unable to embark on a journey to the enchanting landscapes of Ireland, acquiring these silver and gold masterpieces might just be the next best thing. As the Irish say, "Sláinte!" Here's to celebrating Ireland's heritage and adding these exquisite coins to your collection.

Availability and Distribution

Both the Gold Trees of Life (available in 0.1 oz and 1 oz, 9999 pure) and the Silver Trees of Life (1 troy ounce, 9999 pure) are available through a network of international distributors. In the United States, they can be purchased through APMEX and Money Metals Exchange, in the UK via Bullion By Post, and in Ireland through Merrion Gold and Goldbank.

Tara Coins: aims to revolutionize the bullion and numismatic coin market by introducing beautifully designed Irish and Celtic gold and silver bullion coins and rounds. Crafted in collaboration with gifted artists, graphic designers and coin designers in Ireland, these coins resonate with the rich heritage and culture of the Irish and Celtic peoples. With limited mintage, Tara Coins are highly sought after as collectibles and stores of value. Tara Coins aspires to serve markets in Europe, America, and Asia, offering exquisite and meaningful bullion products.

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