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Tara Coins is inspired by the beautiful ‘Hill of Tara’ - the ancient and sacred seat of Irish High Kings in Ireland for over 5,000 years. Tara Coins evokes this deep and rich mythological, historical, cultural and spiritual tradition and the brand signifies freedom, beauty and abundance.

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Irish and Celtic gold and silver bullion coins and rounds have never been done in a truly professional manner and in large volumes. Thus, there is a key niche in the Irish and the global bullion and numismatic coin market that is not being catered to. 

Tara Coins are anticipated to be highly valued and cherished as they will be beautiful coins which resonate with people.

They channel our ancestral past, our culture and the spirit of the Irish and the Celtic peoples.  

The coins are being designed in Ireland in collaboration with artists who specialise in designing coins. The bullion & collector coins will be truly beautiful and will be limited in mintage and supply making them highly sought after as collectible coins and as stores of value.

Our vision is to see Tara Coins become an ethical, trusted global brand celebrated for the designing, minting and wholesaling of gold and silver coins for nations and peoples throughout our beautiful planet.

Tara Coins is expected to become a leading global brand respected for the designing, minting and wholesaling of gold and silver coins for the European, American and Asian markets.

about our founder

Mark O’Byrne

Mark is one of the leading authorities on silver and gold internationally with a high profile in social media & mainstream media having appeared on RTE, CNBC, Bloomberg and most Irish and international print, radio and tv media.

He founded GoldCore, Ireland’s largest gold and silver broker in 2003 and exited in 2020 after his team and he had made it Ireland’s largest gold broker and storage provider. GoldCore became a respected gold bullion specialist internationally with over 20,000 clients in over 140 countries and over €1 billion in sales.

History was his degree and he has a lifelong interest in monetary history and gold and silver and their role in protecting people from currency devaluations, the decline of nations and Empires, economic collapse and wars throughout history. He has dedicated much of the past two decades of his life helping people understand our financial and monetary and systems and how a few actions can help people, families, communities and nations take control of their lives and become resilient and sovereign.

After exiting GoldCore, he set up Health Wealth Gold in which he consulted and advised individuals, families, companies and communities on how to prepare for the coming economic challenges and the so called “Great Reset”.

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*Please note: We do not sell to retail clients and only sell to wholesale distributors.
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