“APMEX announced as the first distributor of Silver and Gold Trees of Life in the United States.”

Dublin, Ireland,  December 8, 2023“I am delighted to see U.S. and worldwide distribution is growing rapidly for these well-received Gold and Silver rounds, depicting the Irish or Celtic Trees of Life,” stated Mark O’Byrne, Founder of Tara Coins.

The Silver One Troy Ounce (1 oz) and Gold One-Tenth Ounce (0.1 oz) rounds from Tara Coins share the same exquisite Tree of Life designs. The Celtic Tree of Life designs are a celebration of nature and the natural world which the Irish and Celtic peoples held in reverence. The “Gold and Silver Trees” celebrate the ancient past and an abundant future. With the Gaelic harp, they also celebrate the beautiful music and the welcoming energy and spirit of the people of Ireland.

The designs of both rounds display the beautiful Gaelic Harp as well as the Tri-Spiral of Newgrange. The tri spiral is a true replica of a carving on the large stone inside and at the back of the ancient temple of Newgrange, one of Éire’s and the planet’s oldest and most sacred places. Newgrange and its two tri spiral stone carvings date to at least 3,200 BC and it is thus older than Stonehenge and older than the oldest of the pyramids in Egypt. At over 5,200 years old - it is one of the world’s oldest symbols.

Current distributors in the European Union include Gold Bank (www.GoldBank.ie), Merrion Gold (www.MerrionGold.ie) , Celtic Gold (www.CelticGold.eu) in Germany and Bullion By Post (www.BullionByPost.co.uk) in the UK.

APMEX (www.APMEX.com) , one of the leading bullion coin, round and bar dealers in the United States has been announced as a U.S. distributor today.

“We are extremely pleased to be able to offer the Celtic Tree of Life gold and silver rounds to APMEX’s customers. The Trees of Life have a simply beautiful design that is universally recognized and appreciated. The Gaelic Harp is synonymous with Ireland and its universally admired culture. Both the Gold and Silver products are extremely well-executed and there is truly nothing like them in today’s marketplace. As soon as we saw the design, we knew we wanted to offer it to our customers, who we knew would greatly appreciate it,” stated MC Garofalo, APMEX’s Director of Product Development and Licensing.

About Mark O’Byrne:

Mark O’Byrne is one of the leading authorities on silver and gold internationally with a high profile in social media and mainstream media having appeared on RTE, CNBC, Bloomberg and most Irish and international print, radio and tv media.

He founded GoldCore, Ireland’s largest gold and silver broker in 2003 and exited in 2020 after his team and he had made it Ireland’s largest gold broker and storage provider. GoldCore became a respected gold bullion specialist internationally with over 20,000 clients in over 140 countries and over €1 billion in sales.

He founded Tara Coins in 2022 to provide the world with gold and silver rounds and coins that are uniquely Irish and Celtic in design and truly symbolic and beautiful.

About APMEX:

APMEX is one of the largest e-commerce retailers in the United States, providing a two-way market for buying and selling Precious Metals and Rare and Collectible coins in the United States. It has a vast selection of over 20,000 products that include Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium bullion items, as well as numismatics and semi-numismatic coins and currency. APMEX sells products suitable for both investing and collecting.What began as buying and selling from an eBay account, and later as a local coin shop in a strip mall, has grown into an online retailing giant with over 300 employees and more than $11 billion in transactions since its founding in 1999.

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